Jolanda van Wijk
Strong in vulnerability                                                         fund me here

Jolanda is an honest person. She has the courage of being herself and of asking questions. Because of her  peaceful, authentic look people (and animals) feel at home with her.

Listening, pure listening is an art. When we feel ourselves heard, then we become more open, more vulnerable, ourself. Jolanda has become strong in vulnerability by listening carefully to others (which includes asking questions) and by taking care of herself.

Jolanda is busy with dialogue. Mainly because in dialogue ideas arise that make sense, that relate to ourself, to our spirit. That is what she loves, for herself, and for others.

Her own organisational skills and decisiveness are often handy. She focusses however on facilitating  people in finding answers to their own questions (-> response-ability).

Inspired Jolanda started in 2016 (till now) with the mission to help others to dare to care more. For themselves and for others. To contribute to (inner) peace.

A world tour, the kickoff was 14 february 2016 in Zana, Uganda. Via the technique of boxing and personal stories about (inner) peace we foster a culture of peace. Boxing is art, dialogue a blessing.
Each Saturday 3pm, at the playground in front of the children´s farm Vechtsehoeve, Maarssen. 


´Live a happy life by saying yes to your inner truth´