Jolanda van Wijk
Strong in vulnerability                                                         fund me here

Jolanda is an honest person. She has the courage of being herself and of asking questions. Sometimes that gives friction. The energy that arises from that she knows how to use for something nice & meaningful.

Because of her peaceful, authentic attitude she easily feels at home with others. Jolanda gives trust and listens. She believes in people.

When we feel ourselves heard, then we become more open, more vulnerable, ourself and able to be active in a responsible way, meaningful & nice.That is why she does what she does. To let people be themselves.

Jolanda has become strong in vulnerability by making a clear distinction between what belongs to her and what belongs to the other person, and by being compassionate.

#DaretoCare is the mission of her sole proprietorship. Be there for others to let them be able to be  themselves. Contribute to (inner) peace.

#BoxingforPeace (charity welfare project)
The kickoff was 14 february 2016 in Zana, Uganda. #WhathitsWorks is the vision of Jolanda. Through the technique of boxing and dialogue she contributes to (inner) peace. Boxing is art, dialogue a blessing. You can participate every Saturday afternoon, around Utrecht (the Netherlands).

Would you like to be associated? You can (see fund me here and contact me).


Dutch world citizen, advising managers and inspiring people & living a happy life by saying yes to her inner truth