Jolanda van Wijk
Being resilient together 

She spontaneously and sportively knows how to bring people together and let them show solidarity with each other.

She is the type that dares to cross her head above ground level and serve a common goal, reduce self-centeredness and create a chance for everyone to join in in a careful way.

Jolanda believes in the individual's ability to contribute to an holistic, integral consciousness and sees spiritual and ecological awareness as important ways for it.

She believes that living in community helps to be happy, healthy, successful and self-reliant.

Her heart for others shows them professionally with her Peace via Dialogue programme and its
workshops Boxing for Peace. She offers this for free, through donations (via PayPal).

She can be found on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram en Facebook).


Dutch world citizen, advising managers and inspiring people & living a happy life by saying yes to her inner truth